Signs & Qualities

by The Vocations Office

Signs & Qualities

As in the past, God is calling men today to serve as priests in the Catholic Church. Throughout history, many have been called to the priesthood. They have lived exemplary lives and have extended the mission of Jesus Christ around the world. There are many heroic stories to be told about priests in every age. Yet, today it is harder than in the past to discover God’s call. There are so many valuable ways that you can choose to live your life. There are so many distractions that make it hard to hear God’s voice. Discerning a vocation is a challenge, no doubt about it. It can be especially tough today because others, even parents and friends, may not be encouraging or supportive.

In the world of the Third Millennium, many are hungry to find greater meaning in life, eager to discover some purpose for their life. The life of a priest is focused on helping people address the deeper questions of life. Priests are needed today more than ever. Maybe God is calling you to be a priest? You will not know for sure unless you consider the possibility!

Many people think that once a man enters the seminary, that decision is final. But that is not the case. Discernment continues as he begins preparation for the priesthood. During this time a man enters into deeper prayer to consider if this is the vocation that God is calling him to.

A vocation to the priesthood is countercultural. First of all, it is a response to the love of God in one’s life. Further, is a life of self-sacrifice that is aimed to restore and recover a love of God in the world. The signs in a man that indicate a possible vocation to the priesthood include the following:

  • Love of God – You want to know and love and serve God wholeheartedly.
  • Love of neighbor – You desire to bring God’s love and grace to the world for the salvation of souls.
  • Attracted to the priesthood – Over time you develop an interior attraction to the priesthood. There is a certain sense of joy and peace when you contemplate yourself living as a priest.
  • A willingness to serve the Lord as His priest – The willingness to be a priest is already an excellent sign that the Lord wants you to be a priest.
  • A generous heart and a willingness to sacrifice.
  • Human Requirements – You are physically, intellectually, and psychologically capable of living the priestly life.

If you are experiencing these things, there is a possibility that Christ is calling you to the priesthood. The Vocation Office will be happy to answer any questions about the priesthood and to help you discern.

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