The Vocation

by The Vocations Office

The Vocation

The definition of vocation is “a particular occupation, business, or profession; a calling.” Each of us has a vocation in life, whether it is to teach, fight fires, or be a CEO. But some of us are called to serve Christ and His people. Although each of our vocations are different, they are all received from Jesus.

For those who are called to God, their vocation is the priesthood. This powerful, intimate relationship with God is not natural but supernatural.

Discovering one’s vocation is not a navel-gazing, self-focused, psychological exercise. It’s not about a man figuring something out. It is not about solving a confusing puzzle. It is about meeting a person: the person of Christ.

Coming to know what God wants for us takes time. It is a process. Following God is not about a one-time experience. It is about becoming a friend of Christ and friendships take time. In the Gospels, Peter and Andrew, James and John left their nets and immediately followed Christ. While that is true, we must not forget that they had spent three years with Him. Even after spending that much time with Jesus, they still largely did not understand. The same is true for us today. God’s will becomes known to us over a period of time.

Keep in mind that it is important to learn to desire what God desires for you. Remaining true to this desire opens your heart to receive what God wants for you. Then, God himself will take care of you.

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